The Jackson Hole Art Blog is targeted to an arts-focused audience, and the Blog  regularly reaches an audience far beyond Teton County. 

We run on “Blog Points.” Purchase Blog Points to be used on the Jackson Hole Art Blog OR for your own artist profile needs. One Blog Point = $250.

FEATURED ART BLOG POST: One Blog Point. Requests for a featured Art Blog Post must be requested 3 weeks in advance of publication date. 

ARTIST STATEMENT/PROFILE: One Blog Point. This content is available for your use as long as you need it. We work together to make sure your message is just the way you want it. Up to 1,000 words. Artist statements also need to be commissioned several weeks in advance to ensure quality.

ART BLOG SPONSORSHIP LINK: Put your website and artwork at the top of any and all pages of the Jackson Hole Art Blog. Simply submit a 360 x 360 pixel image of your design. Per Month: One Blog Point. Six Months: 10% discount. Twelve Months: 20% discount.

Change your ad as often as you like!

Billing: Per month, or by special arrangement. Email [email protected]  for more information.